Headwaters Junction devs remain optimistic

(Photo Supplied/Headwaters Junction)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The supporters of a railroad-themed attraction for downtown Fort Wayne aren’t giving up.

Headwaters Junction has been in the planning stages for over a decade and was the only proposal submitted on time for the city’s redevelopment of the so-called “North River” site near Science Central. The city didn’t accept the bid, and the News-Sentinel reports that a new plan is to develop that area for residential usage.

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The people behind Headwaters Junction aren’t giving up, however, saying they’re working on a proposal that would allow both the $20-million facility and townhouses to co-exist.

City Spokesman Jon Perlich says while Headwaters Junction has “significant support across the community,” it’s not enough to overcome a vision for a more “pedestrian-oriented environment.”


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