Head of Allen County Republican Party Calls For Change

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): It has been 38 years since Fort Wayne had a Republican City Clerk, and one local political leader thinks that needs to change.

City Clerk Sandy Kennedy resigned for what she says were health reasons after video surfaced of her trying to drum up support in her office for Deputy Clerk Angie Davis in next week's election. Allen County Republican Chairman Steve Shine says that Kennedy is the second straight Democratic city clerk to disgrace the city, after her predecessor was actually charged with criminal activity. 

However, Shine says Kennedy's problems are also Mayor Tom Henry's problems. Shine says the Mayor is supposed to supervise his subordinates in office and had an obligation to report Kennedy to the authorities. But he didn't. “Why, after being informed of what was going on in the City Clerk's office, did he do nothing?” Shine told WOWO News. “Why did he allow wildly improper and possibly illegal electioneering to go on under his nose without lifting a finger to stop it? I believe it was to protect his fellow officers in the Democrat Party.”

Shine is calling on whoever wins the Mayoral election next week to hold his subordinates accountable, and is hoping that Republican challenger Lana Keesling wins and restores ethics in the City Clerk's office.