Indiana Fire Marshal offers Haunted House safety tips

("JB's house Halloween 2012" by Doggo, CC by-ND 2.0)

Things are bound to get creepy with Halloween fast approaching, but if you’re planning to wander into a haunted house make sure you’re going into one that’s safe.

Indiana State Fire Marshal Robert Miller says the number one safety tip is to make sure you have a safe way out:

“Some of the common hazards for a haunted house is that the exiting is intentionally confusing, so we check to make sure the exits are in good order and that the staff is properly trained in evacuation procedures,” Miller says.

He adds that all haunted houses are required to have an exit every 50 feet. They also should treat items within with flame retardant so they’re not flammable.

You can find a list of area haunted houses here.


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