Harper Says Mayor’s Campaign Facts Inaccurate, Incomplete

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): As campaigning enters the homestretch, the Republican who wants to be Mayor says his Democratic opponent's facts don't line up.

Mitch Harper is doubling-down on comments he made in a televised debate earlier this week. He says the three pillars of incumbent Mayor Tom Henry's campaign aren't accurate, and at best incomplete.

He added that independent media organizations doing basic fact-checking back up the criticisms he made Monday.

Henry's been tauting lowered crime, job growth and a healthy Legacy Fund.

Harper says a claims of lowered crime is gauged against record highs in 2013. He adds that more than 5,900 jobs actually left the community – numbers that he says are confirmed by IPFW's Community Research Institute.
Henry boasted more than 5,000 jobs were created in his previous eight years leading the city.