Guilty Plea in Apartment Robberies Nets 54-Year Prison Sentence

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): It’s 54 years prison for a man involved in apartment robberies. 22-year-old Michael Jefferson pleaded guilty to 6 of 12 charges pending against him in December of last year for involvement in a series of robberies during which victims were duct taped and bound. Three of four other people involved pleaded guilty prior to Jefferson’s plea. Tuesday in court, according to the Journal Gazette, Jefferson tried to take back, without success, his plea. He was sentenced to 64 years in prison, with 10 suspended, and four years to be served on probation.  You may remember we told you about 22-year-old Tiron Beard, who was sentenced to 3 years suspended jail time and 3 years probation in connection with those robberies.