Group: Unplanned Pregnancies Hurt the Environment

PAULDING, OH – Today (Friday) is “World Vasectomy Day,” and an environmental group wants men to consider, as they jokingly put it, “getting whacked for wildlife.” It's a campaign to get people talking about a sensitive subject – in light of what some see as the planet's overpopulation and its environmental toll. Leigh Moyer with the Center for Biological Diversity says it's a real problem.

“In the United States, more than 50 percent of pregnancies are unplanned, so we really have to address that – for the sake of the planet, basically. Scientists believe that we are currently in an extinction period. Species are going extinct at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, and it's caused by human activities.”

Today, doctors in many countries around the world are performing vasectomies free of charge, and the Center for Biological Diversity is giving out free T-shirts featuring a polar bear carrying a big pair of scissors to men who can prove they've had the procedure.