Group demanding Allen Co. Prosecutor Karen Richards to resign

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Members from a group called Flip This City, are making their message loud and clear; they want Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards to be replaced in the upcoming election.

In fact, on behalf of all homicide victims that have not received justice, they want her to step down immediately. Richards tells WOWO News, she will not be leaving her position.

“I have absolutely no intention of stepping down… I am on the ballot this fall and I will continue to be on the ballot,” says Richards.

Representatives with Flip this City say Richards is failing to find justice for victims’ families and they also argue that Richards has failed to treat the families with fairness and dignity. However, Richard says she treats all families equally. “I think what they’re talking about is, they disagree with me that we don’t, at this point, have enough evidence to file their cases.”

To continue to disseminate their mission, Flip This City will hold a public meeting at noon on Saturday, Feb. 24, at the Summit on West Rudisill Boulevard.




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