Group asks for investigation into possible racial bias in triple shooting


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Was a fatal shooting in Fort Wayne last week a hate crime?

Two 19-year-olds were killed and a third victim seriously hurt after 32-year-old Joseph Bossard allegedly opened fire outside a gas station last Wednesday.

He’s been charged with murder and aggravated battery, but local activist group ChangeMakers tells the Journal Gazette they’re asking officials to look into possible racial motivations behind the attack.

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The father of one of the victims has said that he feels they were specifically targeted because of their skin color. The victims were Black; Bossard is caucasian.

Police have not released a motive for the shooting, but court documents say the three got into an argument with Bossard, who left the store, then came back with a gun and fired at their car.


  1. Not every crime that takes place against a “person of color” is racially motivated. Although activist groups and the media would like to lead you to believe that. And not every “victim” is without fault in certain situations.

  2. You don’t know shit all victims do not start mess. But what made the man so made over teens? now if my black ass would have killed 2 white teens what would you say?

  3. Rumor has it this man was mad at the world and caused trouble with neighbors regardless of skin color. He also lost his father in July 2020 due to covid.
    I found that out by Google.

    Let’s just comment on pages not knowing anything and put out hypotheticals.

    The young men were good people and just got into it with the wrong person.
    You cannot make sense on senseless crimes.

    No doubt Anderson’s dad is upset and has a right to think that way . LOOK at what we see pushed on T.V. what we see on T.V.

    I understand his feelings though.

    I’m sure since jaylin rice is alive, he will be able to let us know more of the motive as we are expecting him to recover after three surgeries and one kidney.

    Lets do better as a society. Lets bring positivity.

    Lets all pray for Mr Rice’s recovery!

    God Bless Joshua Cole Cooper
    God Bless Anderson Retic
    Let’s pray for their souls as well!

  4. Its a good idea to look at possible racial motives. All crimes should be investigated as to racial motive and prosecuted accordingly whether its a white guy shooting a black guy or the other way around.

    If Change Markers truly want real change, I expect Change Makers to equally be interested in possible Racial Motives if the circumstance were reversed.


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