Grocery Store Robbery

Police are searching for a group of armed robbers. According to our partners in news at 21 Alive, five men walked into the Ramarn Asian Grocery Store on Decatur Road, each wearing masks and carrying guns.

One of the suspects held up a gun and fired it near an employee’s head, while another suspect pushed around a female employee.

At least one shot was fired, that’s when the owner of the store told his son to call 911.  

The men robbed the store and officers followed footprints in the snow that led to Hanna Street. Police found part of the cash register at the corner of South Hanna Street and Burns Drive.

No major injuries were reported and the store owners say they will continue business as usual.

Police believe the men left in a white 90’s four door Cadillac; If you have any information, call Crime-Stoppers at 436-STOP.