Grant County woman killed in dog attack

("Police Car Lights" by Scott Davidson, CC BY 2.0)

GRANT COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): A Grant County woman was killed in a dog attack Monday afternoon.

Officials were called to the 300 block of High Street in Matthews at 2:12 p.m. on a report of a dog bite.

The woman’s son said he was in the back bedroom of his home when he heard loud screams from the living room. He then reported that he found the family dog, a pit bull, had attacked his mother, Kathleen Bertram, 69. She was reportedly sitting on a chair in the living room holding her three-year-old granddaughter when she fell from the chair and the granddaughter screamed. That’s when the pit bull attacked Bertram, biting her neck.

She was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy is pending.

The pit bull was still actively aggressive and was tranquilized and was removed from the home.


  1. Don’t tell me “but my Pitbull is sweet”. That breed is an aggressive breed by nature, by instinct and will attack animals and humans at any given moment. Please people, if you adopt these breeds, keep them on a thick leash in secured areas.

    From a dog owner

  2. That assumption is both incorrect and biased. If you think back several years it was the German Shepard breed that was named a killer, then it was the Doberman Pincher. Now, we have the Pit Bull. I had a Pit Bull that was so docile and loving from birth to death. She never showed any aggression. ANY breed under certain circumstances can be vicious. I think every dog should be leashed in public or dog park areas. They’re an animal after all so we need to keep that in mind. Get a clue instead of being prejudice. Ty !!!

  3. All pit bulls should be killed.

    Don’t tell me how sweet the breed is.

    Pit bulls are a breed that has to be done away with as soon as possible.

    A woman is deceased because of this terrible breed.

  4. Dog was only doing *exactly* what it was created to do, so don’t blame the dog, blame the person that brought this dog into that home as a “pet”. So, I sincerely hope that the deceased was the one who brought that dog into the home. If it was someone else in that family, she died because of someone else in her family deciding that an unpredictable fighting breed dog could somehow be transformed into a “pet”, this death is 100% their fault, this was absolutely 100% an avoidable death, and they killed their mom by their dangerous, stupid decision. So glad the little granddaughter wasn’t harmed.


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