Goshen Retires Redskins Mascot, Begins Using RedHawks Name

GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) _ A northern Indiana school district has retired its nearly 90-year-old Redskins nickname following action by the school board last year. 
The Goshen school district's change to the nickname RedHawks took effect Friday. It made its in-game debut Saturday during a Goshen High School girls' basketball contest. A pep rally to usher in the new mascot was held at the school Monday.
District staff replaced most references to the Redskins during winter break, but some work remains. Athletic director Larry Kissinger estimates that it will cost about $38,000 to replace signs, equipment and uniforms with the Redskins name or image.

The school board voted in July to retire the Redskins nickname. It adopted the RedHawks moniker in November following a vote on four finalists by students and alumni in the district.

North Side High School in Fort Wayne will also be changing their Redskins mascot soon. They voted to use the Legends moniker going forward following a student vote this year.