GOP Presidential Candiate Carson Visits



GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson addresses supporters in Fort Wayne. (Dean Jackson/WOWO Photo)


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  For more than 40 minutes, GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson addressed supporters in a rally Thursday.

The talk was given before a standing room only crowd with more than 4,000 supporters. It didn't take long for Carson to take aim at the Obama administration, government programs and government overreach. He also hit on foreign policy issues including ISIS, the Iran nuclear deal, and Syrian refugees.

Carson says “you can can't fight a politically correct war,” a reference to offensives against ISIS. He said ISIS would be guilty of “terror malpractice” if it didn't attempt to hide among the ranks of Syrian refuges.

He said it's essential that the U.S. and its allies form key coalitions with native groups. He cited the Kurds who've won key battles recently, and enlisting the help of friendly Sunni Muslims to fight against ISIS.  He said the Kurds have been successful in softening targets in Syria and Iraq.

He also said the reputation of the U.S. is tarnished: 

“Our friends can't trust us and our enemies disrespect us. We saw this movie during the Carter administration. We need more like the Reagan administration.” 

Also in his monologue, he called the Iran nuclear deal “asinine.” He said there have to be more options than ones the President and John Kerry are providing. He also targeted cultural battles, saying “We have to stop being manipulated by the purveyors of hate.” 

Local officials with the Democrat and Republican parties say they expect other candidates to visit Fort Wayne.