GOP picks Mitchell for Treasurer; Mourdock Comments Don’t Offend Leaders Say

A Don Bates supporter shows his new allegiance for  third vote in the State Treasurer race. (WOWO Photo by Dean Jackson)


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) Republicans wrapped up their state convention needing three votes to select a state treasurer. After more than four hours of voting GOP delegates gave the nod to TrustIndianaFund director Kelly Mitchell.

Mitchell edged Wayne Seybold, the mayor of Marion 860 votes to 497. Central Indiana financial planner Don Bates was ousted after finishing third on the second ballot. Mitchell earned the party's nomination and will face Democrat Mike Boland in November.

Earlier in the day, current State Treasurer Richard Mourdock drew the ire of the Indianapolis Star for remarks for a reporter said compared the financial climate of the United States to Nazi Germany. In a farewell speech of sorts, Mourdock said Germans were so desperate to ease bankrupcy they elected Adolf Hitler believing he would bring them out of devasting problems. Then warned of America's own financial issues.

While making headlines, the comments didn't seem to irritate most delegates. Some say it  was blindside attack or taken out of context.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma says it Mourdock framed it as a tribute to D-Day Veterans. But also as a warning. “I don't think anyone was offended in anyway.”

Bosma added “It was a discussion of the desperation of the German people when they turned to Nazism because of the bankrupcy of their nation and they were grasping for any straw.

Others called it appropriate and timely. Steve Shine, the Allen County GOP chairman and host of the convention is one of them.

“Not only was it not offensive, I embraced the comments it was a good historical perspective of what happens one someone puts faith in a charismtic leader rather than in the philosophies that make a nation great.”

Shine added, “I think they were only ones offended were the media,(the speech) it got a standing ovation. He was simply saying history should be a lesson.”