What’s the Deal with CBD: Featuring Healthkick Nutrition Store


From gummies and chocolates to creams and oils, the market has been flooded with cannabidiol products that allegedly have all kinds of health benefits. But does this stuff really work? What about words like hemp, THC and cannabis? Yikes! So many CBD trends are dominating headlines and so many products are dominating store shelves that it’s getting difficult to know up from down.

If you’ve been curious about the latest CBD trend and you want to know what all the fuss is about, tune into this special podcast featuring WOWO’s Kayla Blakeslee and CBD expert Dan Morris from Healthkick Nutrition Store.


  1. I can definitely attest to CBD being useful for things like pain and anxiety. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. It’s kinda crazy that CBD oil costs more than its much more illegal, plant-based counterpart…


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