Georgetown digging up memories from 25 years ago

Photo Supplied - Georgetown Events

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Georgetown Square turns 50 and to celebrate a time capsule buried in 1993 will be opened.

Located at 6300 East State Blvd, on the northeast side of Fort Wayne, a time capsule buried in June of 1993, on the 25th Anniversary of the shopping center, will have its contents displayed.

Notable contents buried in the The Time Capsule in 1993

  • Box of Twinkies & Michael Jackson Fruit Snacks:  Rogers Market
  • Fine Bottle of French Wine:  Cap n’ Cork
  • Timex Watch:  Will’s Jewelry
  • Letters predicting the future 2018:  Haley Elementary Students
  • Black Lace Bra Size 46DDE:  Fashions at Large
  • Endangered Species Necktie:  Squire Shop
  • Box of Popcorn:  Georgetown Theatre

“What does a 25 year old Box of Twinkies, a bottle of Chateau LaFite Rothchild French Wine and 46DDE size bra have in common?” asks Steve Jehl of the Georgetown Office.  “They are all buried in the Georgetown Square Time Capsule that is to be opened June 22 this year.  Each store in 1993 was invited to put something in the capsule on the 25th Anniversary of the shopping center.”

The time capsule opening will take place (rain or shine) under a tent by Georgetown Library at 3:00 p.m., Friday, June 22.


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