Gas Prices Headed Back Up

INDIANA, (WOWO):  If you‘re still looking for gas that‘s below three dollars per gallon, keep looking. Prices across much of the state have started going back up, after spiking to $4.29 per gallon just over a month ago due to refinery problems in the <st1:place w_st=”on”>Midwest.

By the end of the day yesterday many stations had raised their prices by at least 20 cents or more.   Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at says as the economy is recovering, oil and gas prices will not drop significantly.

“If more people are back at work, they’re commuting, they‘re using gas. They may be taking vacations. A solid economy means higher gasoline consumption.”   DeHaan does expect prices to stabilize over the rest of the week. “By July 4th weekend – the 5th, the 6th and the 7th – prices may have come down a dime or so from where they are today.”