FWPD warns of scam using real police names and phone number

(Brian Davis/WOWO News)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Press Release): The Fort Wayne Police Department is warning the public of a scam that has been recently reported in reference to individuals calling people telling them that they have Federal outstanding warrants for certain crimes and advising them that if they do not pay a certain amount of money that they will come and arrest them.

The individuals that are impersonating police officers are using current police officers’ names and a real police department telephone number.

The Fort Wayne Police Department will never contact anyone requesting money for any criminal investigation. If you or someone you know is contacted by anyone regarding an incident like this, do not pay any money and do not communicate with them.

Anyone who is or has been contacted by a police impersonator is asked to contact the Fort Wayne Police Department immediately at 427-1222.


  1. I don’t know anyone who likes impersonators!
    ..wretched lot.

    It’s like that one documentary at Dunder Mifflan inc., with the Ben Franklin impersonator… soOOo creepy.
    Sadly, we can’t all have a Dwight to back us up! *

    Don’t believe the imposters, people!!

    * [The Office, S3:E15 2007]


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