FWPD Upgrading drone tech

"Drone" by Andrew Turner, CC BY 2.0

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne police are using some new tech to take on unauthorized drones around the Summit City.

Officer Michael Hickman tells our Partners in News at ABC 21 they’ve made upgrades to their own drones to allow them to track down not just the drones that either shouldn’t be in the sky at all or are flying where they shouldn’t be, but their pilots too.

“The number of people using drones for some kind of malicious act will greatly decrease because we’ll be out there and be able to see who’s flying.”

The FWPD says they’re aware of privacy concerns, and they typically only use their drones in an emergency.


  1. The police and the FAA should probably work together to publish a map of the “no-fly zones” around Fort Wayne, where drones aren’t permitted. I looked it up, but it was very difficult to find, and it might save some folks some time, effort, money and headaches to have that made more widely known…


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