FWFD trains for mass shooting scenarios

"Glock" by Smarterlam, some rights reserved

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): While the thought of a mass shooting happening in Fort Wayne is unthinkable, emergency responders have been training on what to do in such a situation, just in case.

The Fort Wayne Fire Department set up a mock disaster scene yesterday, with some tasked with dragging “victims” to safety and administering triage and first aid as needed.

Captain Rich Dolsen tells our Partners in News at ABC 21 the members of a “rescue task force” are trained to move into the so-called “danger area” right alongside police, to try to save as many lives as possible.

“That’s the goal of the task force, while the threat is still going on, for us to go in and manage some of this bleeding, get some of these victims out of the danger area.”

The team is trained to evaluate patients quickly and be able to make the tough call on who to work on, and who’s a lost cause, within seconds.


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