FWFD: Todd Prindle resigns as Assistant Chief

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Todd Prindle has resigned as Assistant Chief of Operations with the Fort Wayne Fire Department.

Fort Wayne Fire Department Chief Lahey announced that Todd Prindle has resigned from his position and will return to the rank of Captain.

Last week, the Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters Union filed a formal complaint to the Fort Wayne Fire Department Merit Board against Assistant Chief Todd Prindle.

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Prindle was accused of faking certification documents for a firefighter and also for trying to cover it up.

In response to Prindle’s resignation, Jeremy Bush, President of the Fort Wayne Firefighters Union said “Prindle’s resignation as Assistant Chief of Operations is an appropriate first step.  However, the Mayor’s Office, in no uncertain terms, made assurances that an investigation is being conducted.  The citizens whom we are sworn to protect deserve to know the results of the investigation.  To our knowledge, no witnesses have been contacted and the allegations are still pending.”


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