FWCS Says Rumors of Threat at Snider Unfounded

We’ve received some calls to the WOWO newsroom about a possible threat at Snider High School. There had been a rumor circulating about possible danger involving Snider students.  WOWO’s Chuck Rowe spoke with Fort Wayne Community Schools spokesperson Krista Stockman who said that while they had been working with police to check out statements made by a few students, at no time was there a credible threat at the school and no arrests were made.  Security was stepped up in an effort to ease concerns.  The district said on its Facebook page that it wouldn’t discuss the specifics of its security measures, for obvious reasons.  Stockman told WOWO news that she wasn’t aware of any truth to a statement that a ‘metal detector‘ had been installed, over and above the handheld metal detector devices that had already been available to school staff.