FW Professional Firefighters Speaking Out on the City’s Push to Improve Public Safety

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The president representing Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters is trying to set the record straight, that City Council's push to improve public safety isn't what it seems.

The statehouse has passed a state law that allows the municipality to adopt a local option income tax for public safety use. The city of Fort Wayne has adopted that LOIT tax, but Jeremy Bush, the president of the union, says in the current budget proposal, firefighter positions are instead being cut.

“The city right now is currently offsetting our budget with the money they’re receiving in revenue for the LOIT tax and they’re turning around and cutting our budget by that amount.”

Bush continued to say that taxpayers will be paying more for less.

We are losing 1.2 million dollars in our budget, which equates to five fewer firefighters on duty every single day.  That not only compromises citizen’s safety, but it compromises firefighter’s safety as well.”

In a letter on behalf of the Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters, Bush says they're pleading with the Mayor and City Council to vote “NO” and send a message that supports the full staffing of the fire department.

A vote on the city budget is expected next week.