Fremont plant to close

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FREMONT, Ind. (Network Indiana): An auto parts maker in northeastern Indiana is shutting down, leaving more than 60 people without jobs.

Metaldyne BSM LLC has notified the state that it is closing its plant in Fremont by the end of the year.

More than 60 workers will lose their jobs.

Metaldyne, a subsidiary of American Axle & Manufacturing, makes auto parts including connecting rods and crankshaft pulleys, according to Inside Indiana Business.

In a notice to the state, Metaldyne blamed the plant closure on the “loss of viability and sustainability of the plant operations.”

Production workers will be laid off in late December, according to IIB. A few staffers will stay at the plant until it is permanently closed in June.


  1. Sooo Sad. This closing will hurt that small community severely. Surprised that the company did it right before Christmas. They must have been really struggling.

  2. Owned by AAM, they are heartless and could care less about it’s workers or the effects on the community.
    No doubt if they need these parts, they will be made in Mexico.


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