Fort Wayne police warn residents about theft suspect

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Police are warning Fort Wayne residents about a theft suspect.

The Fort Wayne Police Department says a black man has been approaching people and asks for help. He has asked to use phones, has said he has been locked out of his house or is looking for his grandmother’s home.

Once he gained entry, he’ll ask for a glass of water and to use a bathroom. Then he’ll look for purses, wallets, cell phones and credit cards to steal.

Police say he is in his 20’s, has short hair and is between 5 feet 10 inches and six feet tall.

The most recent incident was on Tuesday, Dec. 27 and the suspect got away with a credit cards.

If he tries to gain entry into your home, call police.


  1. This story is not very timely. An elderly family member had this very experience back in September, reported it to the police who informed us this has been going on for some time. This would be information that should be reported to the public as soon as possible. This just perpetuates distrust of the media.


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