Fort Wayne Police detective arrested, accused of drunk driving

FORT WAYNE, ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne Police Department detective was arrested Sunday morning after police say he drove drunk, crashed his vehicle and left the scene.

Brent Roddy was preliminarily charged with OWI with an alcohol level of .21 percent, which is nearly three times the legal limit, according to a police report obtained by WOWO.

Police responded to a crash at Rothman Road and Denise Drive around 1 a.m. and found a damaged vehicle with no driver inside.

Roddy was found about a mile from the scene, where police arrested him. He was hospitalized after the crash.

The crash report says the vehicle went off the road at a curve then hit a sign. Then the vehicle slid into a power pole.


  1. Interesting that this is from His facebook page, commenting on a story regarding a FWPD officer crashing his car. evidently he either had a guilty conscience back in 2013, or just thinks that he is above the law.

    Brent Roddy commented on 21Alive.
    21 September 2013 ·
    It is absolutely ridiculous that you would post an Officer’s disciplinary record in regards to this story. It has NO relevance whatsoever. How would certain people at your station feel about having their arrest record reported on when they are arrested for shoplifting and OWI? Shame on you! It is this kind of tabloid news reporting that has been going on with all of the local media outlets that has completely turned people away from watching the news or reading the newspaper. If you are going to air Police Officers disciplinary records; start airing your stations’ personnel’s arrest records!


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