Fort Wayne police are prepared for active shooter, here’s how you can prepare yourself

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): After a man shot and killed 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub, people in the Fort Wayne area may be asking, “is Fort Wayne prepared for a tragedy like this?”

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Fort Wayne Police Deputy Chief James E. Feasel said that the police department is definitely prepared.

“All of our officers have been trained in how to respond to these type of things,” Feasel said. “If an average incident lasts 12 minutes and our response time is 3 to 5 minutes, I’m saying we are very well above the curb.”

Fort Wayne Police Department’s protocol is that the first responding officer on the scene will make entry into the building and attempt to stop the shooter, instead of the traditional approach of waiting for more information.

The Fort Wayne Fire Department has also been trained for an active shooter. Their job is to help the injured while the police officers are stopping the shooter.

While the Fort Wayne Police and Fire Department continue to prepare for a disaster, they’re urging residents to prepare themselves.

Feasel said residents should watch the “Run, Hide, Fight!” video created by Homeland Security, which can be watched below.

The video explains what people should do during an active shooting. First, people should try to run.

“You need to get out as quickly as you can and stay low and get out of the area,” Feasel said.
If it’s not possible to run, people should hide. He stressed that a hiding place shouldn’t be permanent. Instead, keep moving or “leap frog” to different hiding places until it’s possible to leave the area.

“As a last resort, if your life is in danger or someone else’s, you may have to fight,” Feasel said. “You need to be as vicious and as violent as you can to stop him from hurting anyone else.”

He suggested to use improvised weapons like fire extinguishers, staplers or a phone.

Most important, Feasel said, was “you have to be aware of your environment, you have to know where your exits are, you have to know how to get out of that type of situation.”

Feasel offers free active shooting response training or local businesses. If you are interested in active shooting training for your business, you can contact him at 260-427-1260.

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  1. I think it’s time for a LOT more people to start carrying, open or concealed. An armed society is a safer society, not to mention a more polite one…

    • “if you feel like your life is in danger, fight” ? Um the moment the Active shooter started shooting is the moment my life was in danger. Run and Hide?? Seriously are we playing a grown up version of hide n seek? I’ve got a better idea, arm yourself with a firearm. Certainly carrying a Glock 19 or a FN9 is a much better option than a stapler!

  2. “He suggested to use improvised weapons like fire extinguishers, staplers or a phone”…?? How about a S&W M&P Shield or Glock 17 to the forehead? A little more effective in saving lives than a stapler.


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