Fort Wayne pledges $30-million in infrastructure for 2018

("Beacon" by Mitchell Hainfield, CC BY 2.0)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Mayor Tom Henry, joined neighborhood leaders, members of the city Public Works Division, and members of the City Council to announced plans for infrastructure projects during the 2018 construction season today.

A record $30 million dollars will be invested in Fort Wayne streets, roads, sidewalks, curbs and trails this construction season.

“Being committed to ensuring our neighborhoods grow and succeed is critical to making Fort Wayne a point of destination,” said Mayor Henry. “We recognize the importance of neighborhoods and want to invest in every quadrant of the City. Infrastructure plays a vital role in the productivity and safety of our community, and I’m looking forward to another positive construction season.”

2018 marks the fifth year in a row for significant neighborhood investment. This year’s investments include more than 500 improvements in 178 neighborhoods and for the first time, alley improvements.

Improvements to sections of major corridors will be made on Dupont Road, State Boulevard, North Anthony Boulevard, Maysville Road, St. Joe Center Road, Jefferson Boulevard, and Ardmore Avenue.

Comprehensive neighborhood improvements are slated for Caribe Colony Community, Greater McMillen Park, Deerfield Estates, North Franke Park, Pine Valley, Windrift and Lima Valley.

Bridges will be replaced on Edsall Avenue, Washington Center Road and Stonehedge Boulevard.

Sidewalks will be added on portions of North Clinton, Stellhorn Road, Old Decatur Road, Hessen Cassel Road, St. Joe Center Road, Washington Center, Maysville and Dupont.

Trail additions are coming to Hanna Street, Maysville Road and two sections of the Pufferbelly Trail will be added between Ludwig and Washington Center and Fourth Street to State Boulevard.

“I commend Mayor Henry for a record street, road and sidewalk investment of $30 million in 2018. I’m pleased that it’s the fifth straight year we’ve made a significant investment in Fort Wayne’s neighborhoods. The Public Works Division is committed to strengthening public infrastructure and public space. These improvements not only create a better place to live but support our economy as well,” said Shan Gunawardena, Director of the Public Works Division.

2018 construction plans by the numbers:
44 miles of asphalt resurfacing
6.1 miles of concrete reconstruction
16.6 miles of chip and seal street improvements
13.0 miles of concrete walk
15.6 miles of concrete curb
5.02 miles of trail
2.5 miles of alley resurfacing
800 concrete ADA ramps
3,200 Faded traffic signs replaced
2,000 LED Streetlight Fixtures installed LED light fixtures
790 miles of painted roadway lines
2,250 Road directional arrows painted
1,200 Stop bars and parking stalls painted
825 Pedestrian crosswalks painted

A list of 2018 projects can be found here.


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