Fort Wayne Parks Employees Union Suing the Summit City

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Fort Wayne by a union that represents some of Fort Wayne’s parks employees.

According to the News-Sentinel, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 723, IBEW, is accusing Mayor Tom Henry, Parks Director Al Moll and other city officials of violating the union’s contract. They’re claiming that the city didn't follow its collective bargaining ordinance.


The union’s collective bargaining agreement did expire with the city at the end of June 2013; however, the IBEW contends city ordinance requires it to remain in effect “unless either party gives the other party not less than 60 days notice by registered mail.” The IBEW says the city hand-delivered a termination letter to their business representative, but it didn't adhere to the required “adequate notice” because it wasn't sent by registered mail.


The union asks the court to find that the city has failed to bargain in good faith as required by law.


This comes on the heels of City Council voting last week to hear three separate measures that could put a stop to collective bargaining negotiations of employment contracts for union members. Those in favor of the repeal say the ordinances would save taxpayer dollars.


Mayor Henry, released the following statement in regards to collective barging on the city’s website, “…City Council will consider ordinances that would possibly eliminate the ability for employees to participate in collective bargaining. I’m opposed to efforts that would take collective bargaining rights away from city employees.”


A vote on collective bargaining could come as early as May 27th.