Fort Wayne not currently planning to become “Sanctuary City”

"SF Immigration" by Jeff Warren, some rights reserved

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): With all the talk of “sanctuary cities” in the news recently, WOWO News reached out to Fort Wayne officials to see where the Summit City stands.

City spokesman John Perlich says any process that would lead to Fort Wayne even becoming such a city in the first place would have to have a thorough discussion between residents, the City Council and the Mayor’s Office, which simply hasn’t happened yet.

Perlich says a few residents have reached out about the idea, and Fort Wayne is welcoming and inviting to immigrants such as its Burmese population.

A “sanctuary city” is one that protects illegal immigrants by not prosecuting them for violating immigration laws and ensuring them access to city services. You can read Perlich’s full statement below.

“Any process that would result in Fort Wayne becoming a Sanctuary City would require open dialogue, public input and approval by City Council and the Mayor’s Office. A thorough discussion on this topic hasn’t occurred in our community. We have had a few residents reach out to us to inquire about Fort Wayne becoming a Sanctuary City. Fort Wayne has been and continues to be an inviting and welcoming City. We’re proud to be a leader in refugee and immigration efforts, most notably with our Burmese population. Fort Wayne is home to immigrants from all over the world who are making a meaningful difference in our community and region.”


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