Monday, January 22, 2018

charlyCharly Butcher, Fort Wayne’s Morning News Host

Charly is a Fort Wayne morning-radio fixture, on the air, locally, for over 3 decades. As host of Fort Wayne’s Morning News, Charly takes you through the morning’s top stories from around the area to around the world.  Charly boasts Fort Wayne’s largest contact list of newsmakers “ripped from the headlines…” so whenever news breaks, you can hear live, in-depth coverage that’s easy to understand.

Charly has the full resources of Fox News and live comment from reporters across the world as well as commentaries from Todd Starnes.  Charly is the husband of an elementary school teacher, the father of a English Professor, and a Physical Therapist, a new daughter that is a Nurse Practitioner and a 11 year-old daughter whose career is yet to be determined.


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