Fort Wayne Mayoral candidates raise $1.3M so far in campaign funds

(Darrin Wright/1190 WOWO 107.5 FM)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The race for Mayor in Fort Wayne is shaping up to be a pricey one.

The three announced candidates for the job already have a combined $1.3-million in campaign finances, according to the News-Sentinel. It stands to get even more expensive as we head toward a Primary Election in May and the general election in November.

Republican Businessman Tim Smith has just over $335,000 in his war chest, while his Republican Primary opponent, City Councilman Dr. John Crawford, has almost $426,000. Democrat Mayor Tom Henry, who’s seeking a fourth term in office, has $542,000.

Smith says he expects this campaign to be the most expensive in Fort Wayne history.


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