Fort Wayne man accused of kidnapping his wife

("Police Blue Lights" by Ken Hawkins, CC BY 2.0)
BLUFFTON, Ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne man is accused of abducting his own wife from her workplace Tuesday morning.
Fort Wayne’s NBC reports 20-year-old Sar Doh of Fort Wayne showed up at his wife’s job in Bluffton at about 10am, right when she went on break, got her inside his car, and sped off with the passenger door still hanging open.
Police were able to track the woman’s cell phone to Akron, Ohio. Police there found her, and she told them she had been taken against her will. The man was arrested.
Bluffton police are seeking charges of kidnapping, theft and criminal confinement against Doh, and are asking Ohio officials to extradite him back to Indiana.


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