Fort Wayne Fire Offers Sparkler Safety Tips

Kid’s of all ages love sparkles, but firefighters say  enjoying them isn’t childs’play.  Did you know sparklers can reach 1,800 Fahrenheit – hot enough to melt gold? Sparklers are not toys.  The following sparkler safety tips can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

  • Children under the age of 12 should not use sparklers without very close adult supervision.
  • Always remain standing while using sparklers.
  • Never hold a child in your arms while using sparklers.
  • Never hold, or light, more than one sparkler at a time.
  • Always wear closed-toe shoes when using sparklers.
  • Sparkler wire and stick remain hot long after the flame has gone out. Be sure to drop the spent sparklers directly into a bucket of water.
  • Never hand a lighted sparkler to another person.
  • Always stand six feet from another person while using sparklers.
  • Never throw sparklers
  • Show children how to hold sparklers away from their body and at arm’s length.
  • Teach children not to wave sparklers or run while holding sparklers.
  • Please think about your pets!   Animals can be extremely frightened or stressed by fireworks/sparklers. Please keep pets indoors to reduce the risk that they will get loose or get injured.
  • Please be respectful of your neighbors and clean up after yourself.   

  Visit for safety tips and information.