Fort Wayne Councilman, Allen County Sheriff give different sides on jailing report

("Jail Cells" by My Southborough, CC BY-ND 2.0)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne City Councilman’s op-ed piece about a constituent’s encounter with police is being told from two very different sides.

Councilman Jason Arp says a woman in his district was jailed over a dog bite citation she thought she’d taken care of. According to Arp, her dog had bitten a neighbor’s dog, she paid the medical bills, and her dog was microchipped, according to city law.

However, a miscommunication led to authorities believing she had not done so, and she was cited and ordered to appear in court. After a reported conversation with an animal control agent, she was allegedly told she had nothing to worry about, so she did not report to court. Then a warrant was issued for her arrest; she turned herself in and spent a night in the County Jail, where she told Arp she was assaulted while in jail.

“Apparently at the time they didn’t have any individual cells, and she was put into a general population type of cell,” Arp says. His article claims she was held down and urinated on.

Allen County Sheriff Dave Gladieux says that’s not exactly true, from what he knows about the situation:

“We’re now a year and a half later (from the incident) and nobody has come to the Sheriff’s Department to either ask what happened or file a complaint,” he says, asking why Arp didn’t contact him directly about the matter if he was concerned.

You can read Arp’s article here.


  1. I listened to this story yesterday
    All I heard was the sheriff trying to get out of a lawsuit
    Fact is if you feel the need to remove someone from the safety of their home you assume responsibility for their safety
    Perhaps stop jailing people for bs
    Maybe make sure the warrant is valid
    Her dog was chipped and there should have been a dismal of charges
    Poor communication is no excuse for a violation of civil rights
    Maybe if the police were actually held accountable and investigated by other entities other than themselves and held to the standards we as citizens are expected to people wouldn’t hate cops so much
    But the revenue of the state is more important than the rights of the people I guess


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