Fort Wayne City Council to vote on local tax increase Tuesday

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): All eyes will be on the Fort Wayne City Council tomorrow night.

There’s a second public hearing, and a vote expected, on a proposal to raise the local income tax by .15% to pay for the next two phases of Fort Wayne’s Riverfront Development plans, as well as work on downtown sidewalks and alleyways.

5th District Councilman Geoff Paddock tells WOWO News Councilman Dr. John Crawford’s proposal has definitely caused a lot of discussion:

“This is a tough issue. No one really likes to increase taxes, but what we’re seeing here is a very clear road map on how we can get some very important things accomplished.”

Paddock specifically mentions the sidewalk and alley work as some priorities:

“We have less bus service, so we have more kids walking to school, and some of them are taking busy city streets that don’t have sidewalks, or good sidewalks… and as for the alleys, I have some alleys in the 5th district that haven’t been touched in decades.”

The meeting starts at 5:30pm at Citizens Square in downtown Fort Wayne. It’s open to the public.


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