Fort Wayne City Council to see annexation fiscal plan next week

(Tom Franklin/WOWO Radio)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Mayor Tom Henry’s administration provided an update on the “North IV” annexation plan that would add nearly 23 square miles and about 22,000 people to Fort Wayne’s city limits on Friday morning.

Henry announced at a press conference at Citizens Square that the City Council will be presented with the annexation’s fiscal plan on Tuesday, April 26th. The fiscal plan includes data covering the annexation area, service provision requirements and fiscal impacts of the annexation on the City, taxpayers, and Allen County’s taxing units.

Henry said some of the annexation plan’s strengths include enhanced public safety services and savings on water, sewer and garbage services, while adding that one out of four property owners would see “no property tax increase.”

The annexation plan has been met with citizen protests and criticism from officials in county government, several local school districts, and the Allen County Public Library that say they’ll be losing out on millions of dollars in tax revenues.

If all goes well for Henry, the fiscal plan could be approved as early as May 10th with a final vote on the annexation ordinance set to happen in August.


  1. So 3 out of 4 property owners WILL see a property tax increase. “Enhanced public safety services” seems to be a moot point while talking about the north side of town. Why not enhance public safety southeast where all the murders occur with all of the resident outcry? 20% of the annexation area does not have any plans for the City to extend any utility services (water & sewer), nor is there a need. Garbage services provided by the City will cost more than my Republic Service. So many people, schools, library, fire department, Allen County, farms, the Amish will be loosing out while 1 square mile of downtown benefits. People move out to the rural County for a reason. We will see about the State Law too.


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