Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo reveals new mob

Newi - Kangaroo - Fort Wayne Children's Zoo - Heather Starr WOWO

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo revealed nine new kangaroos into their mob this morning.

Eight adult kangaroos were brought here from Oakvale Wildlife Park in New South Wales Australia.  The mob consists of four males named Ask, Oakey, Nelson and Finn and four females named Molly, Newi, Euci and Adelaide, who has a joey in her pouch.

Director of Communication for the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Bonnie Kemp said “Our new roos are adjusting very well and will soon be joining the current mob here at the zoo.  Just before the big journey began, Oakvale Wildlife Park officials let us know that a pouch joey would also be making the trip. Mom, Adelaide and joey (yet to be named) have adjusted very well.”


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