Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Names Red Panda Cub

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP): The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo says a female red panda cub that has overcome the odds and lived six weeks has been given the name Maliha. The name means “strong and beautiful'' in a Nepalese language.  The zoo says zookeeper Helena Lacey chose the cub's name to reflect its heritage and personality. Lacey says Mahila “is a very strong cub, and beautiful too.''  Born on June 9, Maliha is the first of four red panda cubs born at the zoo in the last three years to survive longer than two weeks.  About half of all red panda cubs die within 30 days of birth.  Red pandas are an endangered species.  Lacey says Maliha still spends all of her time in an air-conditioned nest box with her mother, 5-year-old Xiao.