Fort Wayne Budget Battle

By Stephanie Parkinson

Fort Wayne, Ind. ( – A 2013 budget has been set but money concerns are still on the mind of Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry.

The mayor says this budget puts the city in a tough position. It means both the fire and police departments can’t bring on any new staff. Something both departments have been facing for many years because the money isn’t there to support training classes to replace those who’ve retired.

The mayor suggested a tax increase but city council disagreed. Henry says nobody wants to pay more in taxes but without bringing the taxes up the city can’t keep up.

“The less that we pay the more the current quality of services are being strained. You get to a point where you don’t want to pay too much but you’re going to have to pay enough and that’s the balancing act that we’re all looking for,” said Mayor Tom Henry, City of Fort Wayne (D).

Fort Wayne City Council decided to freeze tax rates and the 2013 budget was approved unanimously by council Tuesday.

Throughout this process many republican council members said raising taxes should be a last resort. Cash reserves were used to balance the budget