Fort Wayne among top 15 cities for Veteran homebuyers

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A recent study lists Fort Wayne among the top 15 best cities for veterans to buy a home in.

The Veterans United Home Loans study ranked San Antonio, TX #1 for the second straight year as it compared the 100 most-populated US cities across four key factors: economic wellness, employment, quality of life for veterans, and availability of VA benefits.

Fort Wayne placed 13th on the list.

“Our research shows that being part of a community that understands the unique needs of military families is a huge benefit,” said Dr. Shelley Kimball, research director of the Military Family Advisory Network. “Access to affordable housing and gainful employment for both the service member and spouse are critical not just for financial health, but also extends to mental health, stable relationships and overall happy families. This study offers a fascinating glimpse of what cities across the country have to offer to our veterans and service members.”

The top 15 cities on the list are:
1.                   San Antonio, TX
2.                   Lincoln, NE
3.                   Arlington, TX
4.                   Raleigh, NC
5.                   Oklahoma City, OK
6.                   Colorado Springs, CO
7.                   Boise, ID
8.                   Jacksonville, FL
9.                   Fort Worth, TX
10.                 Columbus, OH
11.                 Louisville, KY
12                  Corpus Christi, TX
13.                 Fort Wayne, IN
14.                 El Paso, TX
15.                 Kansas City, MO



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