Former Pilot Predicts Little Change in Intelligence Spending

ANGOLA, Ind. (WOWO): A former Air Force reconnaissance pilot says he doesn’t expect major changes to intelligence spending.

Col. Richard Graham is a retired Air Force Pilot who flew reconnaissance missions in both the SR-71 Blackbird and U-2. He tells WOWO News he doesn't expect much change in intelligence spending by the Department of Defense earlier this winter, he doesn't expect much to change.

“I think we need that. The people in Congress realize that intelligence is important,” Graham says, “There may be some (cuts), but I don’t think they’ll be dramatic where start losing ‘the bubble’ on what’s going on around the world.”

He also said that while drones are becoming more popular they are also more vulnerable, they aren't necessarily the best option for intelligence gathering.

Graham will address Trine students Tuesday evening in Angola. He’ll largely focus on the engineering marvels of the flying world’s fastest aircraft, the Blackbird.

For more information on the talk, click here.

An SR-71 exhibit at the USS Intrepid Museum in New York City. (Air Force Photo)