Five Arrested in Mercer County Bust

CELINA, OHIO (WOWO): Authorities in Mercer County corralled five people in a drug bust. Wednesday, a multi-agency police task force searched two Celina homes and found a stash of marijuana, paraphernalia, pills and a number of shotguns, hand guns and an AR rifle.

A substance believed to be heroin was also uncovered in the bust. According to the Van Wert Times-Bulletin, charges for the trafficking in heroin and marijuana.

Three  Celina residents were arrested and two persons giving their address as the Mercer County Jail. Those two: Dennis W. Clutter, 54, and William R. Culver, 49, were each jailed on one count of heroin possession, felonies of the fourth degree.

Also arrested were Savannah K. Thees, 26, on one fifth-degree felony count of trafficking in heroin, Quinn F. Staugler, 24, on three fifth-degree felony charges included trafficking in marijuana, and Marcus P. Koester, 25, on three fifth-degree felony counts of trafficking in marijuana.

Four other persons are being sought in this investigation.