Final Offer Made To Musicians Union By Philharmonic Over The Weekend

(Supplied/Visit Fort Wayne)

The Fort Wayne Philharmonic provided its final offer to the musicians union on Saturday.  At the end of Saturday’s bargaining session, the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and Local 58, Fort Wayne Musicians Association had not yet reached an agreement on a new contract. Shortly before 6 P.M. the Philharmonic provided its best and final offer to the Musicians of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. The offer provides for a higher wage increase than an earlier offer the Union told media in a news release that it would accept.

The Philharmonic also proposed a signing bonus of $1,000 for each Musician following a contract agreement. If the Musicians do not accept the best and final offer by the January 10 at 11 p.m. deadline, the Philharmonic is prepared to cancel the January 28 concert due to the time required to prepare and present concerts using the full orchestra.


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