FEMA launching COVID-19 funeral reimbursements today

"Funeral" by Carolyn Booth, License

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): If you lost a loved one to COVID-19, you could have at least some of their funeral expenses reimbursed by the federal government, starting today.

FEMA has launched a program to reimburse up to $9,000 in funeral, burial, and cremation expenses, but you have to be able to prove your loved one died because of COVID-19. Also, if your loved one had any costs covered by funeral insurance, they are not eligible for the grants.

In an effort to prevent fraud, the only way to apply is by phone: call 844-684-6333 Monday through Friday between 9am and 9pm Eastern time.

Learn more here.


  1. Hmmmm…..take an EXPERIMENTAL “injection” (it’s only approved under emergency order of FDA) and the drug company is not liable in the case of injury or death? Hmmmm……most Life Insurance companies will also NOT do a pay out if the person who died received an EXPERIMENTAL “injection”? Hmmmmmm……A disease so terrible (my age group 99.5% survive it) that you have to be tested to know you even have it? Hmmmm……Fauci has HUGE investments in Big Pharma? Geeeezzzzz! What could go wrong!!!! Don’t believe me? DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!


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