Federal Floppy

It might be hard to believe… but the Federal Government still works with floppy disks.  

Yes… the same floppy disks you used in 1994.  The same floppy disks that promised hundreds of free hours of AOL.  The same floppy disks that came in a bundle of 15 to install Windows 95.  

Maybe this is why the government can't be trusted with the technology of Obamacare.  Are we sure they're not trying to upgrade the site using these same disks?  Read the article here:

The New York Times explains that the government's secure email system “is expensive, and some government agencies have not yet upgraded to it. As a result, some agencies still scan documents on to a computer and save them on floppy disks. The disks are then sent by courier to the register.”

BTW – it seems the government blogs are as infrequent as radio blogs.  The last three posts on the Federal Register is from 9/30/13, 10/17/13 and 12/3/13.