FBI agents are serving search warrants today at three Fort Wayne homes…

According to reports from the Journal Gazette, federal agents served warrants at the following locations:

§                                 Police and agents served a warrant at a garage at 8701 Wheelock Road. According to Allen County Assessor’s office records, the home at that address is owned by former National Football League player Jason Fabini.

§                                 A search warrant was also served at 6619 Cherry Hill Parkway. Property records and neighbors indicate the home is owned by his brother, Michael Fabini.

§                                 A home at 4209 Wedgewood Drive was also raided in connection with the same investigation, officials confirmed.

A police dog was seen at the Cherry Hill Parkway house, but the nature of the investigation and why police were at the residence were not made public this morning.

As of right now, FBI agent spokesperson, David Crawford, could not specifically confirm what they are investigating, but he did say it’s a big operation.