Expert: Earthquakes Do Happen in Indiana

TERRE HAUTE,Ind. (WOWO): Earthquakes in Indiana? It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Walter Grey with the Indiana Geology Survey says, activity isn't as prominent as regions such as Southern California, but they do happen. 

Grey says there are three faults that could impact Northeast Indiana. The New Madrid zone in Missouri and the Wabash Valley zone in Southeast Illinois and Southwest Indiana. There's also the Anna fault in nearby Shelby County, Ohio.

The risk of structural damage is small, but could likely disrupt power and transportation. He's concerned most people aren't prepared. He says every home should have a disaster kit with enough food and water for as much as five days. 

He adds, even if a severe earthquake never happens, the kit can be used for other emergency situations.  He says for less than $100 dollars a home can be secured for an earthquake.; The risk of non-secured items including shelves mirrors, picture frames and household items can cause serious damage and injury.

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