Expert: 2nd man’s DNA found at Camm murder scene…

  ROCKPORT, Ind. (AP) _ An expert working for the defense of a southern Indiana man accused of killing his wife and two children says recent lab tests have found the DNA of a second man on key items at the crime scene. 
  The Courier-Journal reports  DNA expert Richard Eikelenboom testified Thursday during a hearing before the third murder trial of David Camm.
  Eikelenboom says Charles Boney's DNA was found on the shirt of Camm's wife, Kimberly, on two places on her underwear, and on the torso of 5-year-old Jill Camm.
  Boney is serving a 225-year sentence for murder and conspiracy in the 2000 slayings.
  Camm was convicted of the murders twice but both convictions were later overturned. His third trial begins later this month in Boone County, northwest of Indianapolis.