Exclusive: Truck Driver’s Facebook Posts Reveal Another Crash

By Stephanie Parkinson

Allen County, Ind. (www.incnow.tv) – Exclusive new information about the truck driver involved in a deadly crash on U.S. 30 last week reveals it may not have been his first crash.

On January 8 two women were killed in the horrific crash in New Haven. Five cars and a semi were involved.

The truck driver is 50-year-old Scott Saunders of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Police have already told us the evidence shows Sanders did not attempt to slow down before the tragic crash.

What we found on Saunders Facebook page implies he was in another crash just two weeks before the one in New Haven.

A post from December 28 reads, ‘why do cars think they can beat up on trucks one tried tonight and lost.’

Under that post another comment from Saunders explains how he didn’t get hurt, and his truck wasn’t damaged but he describes what the car looked like after the crash, saying there was a three-foot hole where the headlight once was.

The day after the accident in New Haven, January 9, he posted on his page that he was getting help.

Police have not charged anyone in connection with the crash and nothing has been filed with the Allen County Prosecutor. The Allen County FACT team is still actively working on finding out what caused this crash.