Ex-FBI Pleads Guilty to Being AP Source, Sentenced

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – A judge has sentenced a former FBI explosives expert to more than three years in prison for possessing and disclosing secret information, which he has said included intelligence he gave to The Associated Press for a story about a U.S. operation in Yemen in 2012.
At the same hearing Thursday in Indianapolis, Donald Sachtleben was given eight years in an unrelated child pornography case.
Before announcing the sentences, U.S. District Judge William Lawrence told the 55-year-old man from Carmel, Ind., “You have betrayed your nation.”
In a 20-minute statement, Sachtleben apologized to his former FBI colleagues for “breaking the bonds of trust” with them.
AP spokesman Paul Colford in New York said, “We never comment on who our sources are.”
The hearing began with Sachtleben pleading guilty.